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The Oritate can be accessed by the local bus from Arimineguchi Station of Toyama Chihou Railway. It can be also accessed directly from Toyama, Tokyo and Nagoya via nonstop bus.
  • By TRAIN From Arimineguchi Station of Toyama Chihou Railway, switch to the bus for Oritate During summer season (business period: mid-July to late-August), there is seasonal nonstop bus from JR Toyama Station to Oritate. Arimineguchi to Oritate Toyama Chihou Railway HP (Local Bus) Toyama – Arimine Line
    From Arimineguchi to Oritate 50 minutes, Fare 12,400 to 16,900 yen per car
    (*depending on type of car, Charter)
    From JR Toyama Station to Oritate 80 minutes, Fare 19,000 to 25,000 yen per car
    (*depending on type of car, by metered) (Reference) Taxi Companies HP Daiwa Transportation
  • Highway Bus from Major Cities There are highway buses to JR Toyama Station from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Generally, switching nonstop bus to Oritate from JR Toyama Station is popular. During peak season, there are nonstop buses to Oritate from Tokyo. For reference, click details of nonstop buses from Tokyo and Nagoya Maitabi Trekking Bus, Mainichi Alpen-Go HP
  • By CAR
    Take a car to Oritate via Arimine Rindo (Toll Road). There is free car parking at Oritate Parking (300 cars).
    *In a peak season such as the successive holidays, those parking lots become full, so if you plan to come in such time, please consider using public transportations. Arimine Rindo Toll: Standard-size 1,900 yen for one way
    Open: Early June to middle of November
    Time: 06:00 to 20:00 (CLOSED during night)
    *Under adverse weather, the road shall be closed by rainfall regulation, so in such cases, please verify road status beforehand.
    Inquiry: Arimine Management Office tel. 076-482-1420
    Information on Arimine Rindo Arimine Rindo – Ariminet HP

Trail Guides

Oritate -
Kumonodaira Mountain Hut

Accessed by use of local bus from Arimineguchi Station of Toyama Chitetsu Railway or nonstop bus from JR Toyama Station.
This route requires 2 days for one way totaling 10 hours and 5 minutes.
Approximate Trekking Time
  • Day 1
    6 hours 50 minutes
    (excluding rest brakes)
    Oritate - 1:30 - Sankakuten(Triangulation Point) - 3:00 - Tarodaira Hut - 2:20 - Yakushizawagoya Hut
  • Day 2
    3 hours 15 minutes
    (excluding break time)
    Yakushizawagoya Hut - 2:20 - Alascan Garden 0:40 - Mt. Ba-dake Junction - 0:15 - Kumonodaira Mountain Hut
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