According to past record and current status for reservation, the following calendar displays days of expected congestion. However, it is a mere estimation at present time and actual congestion depends on most recent weather, status of the trails and various other factors.

(Last Updated: Janualy 20, 2020)

The calendar will be periodically updated as status changes, but because communication environment for the hut is not sufficient during season, please make a direct call to the Kumonodaira Mountain Hut for more details. We highly recommend making a reservation for accommodation, even though guests without it are also welcome.

Basically, extreme congestion is expected from the end of July, on any day surrounding the Japanese national public holiday “Mountain Day (August 11)” and we may not be able to offer sufficient sleeping space, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • 7月カレンダー
  • 8月カレンダー
  • 9月カレンダー
  • 10月カレンダー