• OPEN From July 10(FRI) to October 15(THU), 2020
    CAPACITY 70 people


  • General
    up to 9 people
    Although it is not a complete reservation system, please make a reservation as much as possible.
    We accept only one group (up to 15 people) per day by reservation only. Please contact us by phone or e-mail for availability dates.



  • Lodging
    Meal Plans
    General Rates Under 18

    Youth Discount


    Youth Discount

    Lodging Without Meal 6,700 4,700 5,500
    One Night with One Meal
    9,400 6,400 7,500
    One Night with One Meal
    8,500 6,000 7,000
    One Night with Two Meals
    11,200 7,700 9,000
    Boxed Lunch 1,200 700 900
    Dinner Only 2,700 1,700 2,000
    Breakfast Only 1,800 1,300 1,500
    ・Please show valid ID when applying the youth discount.・Meal prices for campers are the same as hut stays (as shown in the table above).
  • Alpine
    One Night accompanied by customer 5,000yen
    One Night not accompanied by customer off 1,500 Yen

    from Regular Fee

    Please show certificate of any association listed below.
    ・Japan Mountain Guides Association
    ・Alpine Guide Society of Japan
  • Discounts
    Discounts can be used in combination with youth discounts (just one discount within below)
    Staying more than two successive nights
    off 500 Yen from Regular Fee
    Mitsumata Group Discount
    (if lodging at the Mitsumata Mountain Hut or the Suisho Mountain Hut in previous night)
    off 500 Yen from Regular Fee
    Japan Worker's Alpine Federation
    (show membership card)
    off 500 Yen from Regular Fee
  • Others
    For accommodation and stays for the purpose of academic research covering the natural environment, discounts are provided according to the content and period. Please contact us if you are interested.
  • Water

    The Kumonodaira Mountain Hut depends on rain water for all of daily life water, so though we sell drinking water, we recommend you to get your water supply from the water place within Kumonodaira Camping Site.

    Water per 500 ml 50 Yen
    Hot Water per 500 ml 100 Yen
    Japanese Tea per 500 ml 200 Yen


    Opening Hours From 9:00 to around 16:00 
    (last call at 15:00)
    From after dinner of the lodgers until 20:45
    (drinks and alcohol only)
  • Menu
    Meals Curry Rice, Taiwanese Chicken Rice, Homemade Bacon & Rye Bread, Pasta, etc.
    Snacks Homemade Ajillo of Japanese Clam, Mixed Nuts, Cakes, etc.
    Soft Drinks House Drip Coffee, Tea, Japanese Citrus Juice, etc.
    Alcohols Various local brew beers, Wines, Junmai Sake, Whisky, Distilled Spirit, etc.


  • Camping Site Approximately 25 minutes walk to direction of Suisho, Mitsumata from the Kumonodaira Mountain Hut
    Camping Fee 1,200 Yen per person
    Capacity Space for approximately 50 tents (including the water place and toilet)
  • Notices for Use of Camping Site

    Due to rapid increase in number of users by popularity of camping in recent years, there are occasions that number of users frequently exceeds capacity of the camping site during peak of the season.

    We would like as many people as possible to be able to make use of the site, so if you are planning to visit the site as a group in the period when hikers are expected to concentrate, please use the multi-room tent instead of the solo-tent.