The Kumonodaira Mountain Hut Artist in Residence Program Exhibition

Artist in Residence Program

at the Kumonodaira Mountain Hut

Participating Artists for "The Kumonodaira Mountain Hut Artist in Residence Program Exhibition 2023" Announced

We are pleased to announce the participating artists for The Kumonodaira Mountain Hut Artist in Residence Program Exhibition 2023".

We received numerous applications for the forth year, and as a result of the examination, we have selected six artists for the program.

This program, started in the spring of 2020, aims to design harmony between society and the natural environment through art. It also seeks to create opportunities for artists to explore new expressions while being inspired by the immaculate natural ecosystems.

This year (April-July 2023), we have expanded the scope even further from the previous year. With three venues in Tokyo and Yamanashi Prefecture, we were able to hold the results exhibition of the 2022 AIR participants and a group exhibition titled "Diffusion of Nature 2023 - Soil and Dream" by past participating artists in a touring format. This has allowed us to propel our activities into a new stage.
Through art as a starting point, diverse perspectives and the power of different spaces revolving around "nature," such as natural sciences, humanities, outdoor environments, cities, and rural areas, have converged and intersected. This experience has opened up new horizons about the world we inhabit, providing us with fresh perspectives and insights.

We would like to continue to communicate with participants and present the results of our activities, as well as seek ways to share our experiences with many people in their daily lives.

In this day and age of environmental crisis and the chaotic state of information that is becoming unstoppable, we hope that this program will help us to make new discoveries about how we can reconstruct a rich relationship with the "nature" that is right under our feet.

  • Daigo Ito
    Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1998
    Postgraduate student at Musashino Art University in 2023
    I use charcoal to depict situations or conditions created by the interaction between people and nature through mountain climbing and fieldwork in satoyama landscape, based on the theme of the interaction between human social activities and the activities of nature. For me, charcoal serves as both an artistic medium and a representation of cremated remains. By using charcoal, which represents deceased plants, to depict the vibrant life of mountains, plants, and the people living there, I attempt to create a cycle of life and death in a single painting.
  • Saki Kirizuki
    Born in Hyogo Prefecture. Artist / woodcut print artist. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts, Painting Sphere, and completed the Master course at Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate school of Fine Arts, Painting Major (2011). She creates woodcut prints that capture the "wood grain" as a painting shaped by the tree, and sculptures are layered on top of it. She searches for the possibilities of a painting that emerges from the interplay of materials, tools, and the body. Major exhibitions include "桐月沙樹・むらたちひろ:時を植えて/between things, phenomena, and acts" (2021 Kyoto Art Center), "京都府新鋭選抜展" (2021 The Museum of Kyoto), solo exhibition "7月あたりの桐月さん。" (2020 Gallery Keifu/Kyoto), solo exhibition "凹凸に凸凹 絵が始まる地点と重なる運動 " (2019 Gallery Suujin/Kyoto), "魅惑のニッポン木版画" (2014 Yokohama Museum of Art), and others. She is also a member of hiyomi circle (2009-) and Vivian Sui Method (2016-).
  • Natsuki Goto
    Born in Akita Prefecture in 2001
    Undergraduate student at Akita University of Arts, Arts & Roots Major in 2023
    Tracing the senses before language was born, She is working to create a passage that leads to an absent and invisible land through her artwork.
    She conducts observations and recordings while fluidly traversing the land, seeking connections with the existing beliefs, landscapes, and memories and traces that permeate the margins of the land.
    Based on the essence and universality captured from within these experiences, She unholds and expresses spaces through installations and performances where we can catch a glimpse of the roots.
    Major presentations include "息の緒の通い路" (Araya NINO, 2022), "nowhere "Where Do We Come From" (YAU STDIO, 2023). Other residencies were held in Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture and Tono City, Iwate Prefecture in 2023.
  • Syugo Kashiwagi
    Born in Tokyo Prefecture in 1996. Undergraduate student at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Intermedia Art Major

    He creates three-dimensional works using natural clay dug up from the ground and kneaded with collected plants, trees and seeds.
    He captures the sensation of a certain place at a certain moment in time as something beyond his own experience and knowledge, and composes his works based on motifs centered on the body.
    The kneaded seeds will eventually germinate and cover a clay figure, and cracks will appear in areas where drying is in progress, exposing the inner fibers.
    Life and death, moment and eternity, body and environment, nature and artifact. Intersecting multiple time frames and states, he attempts to reconfigure them as a new landscape.
  • Hiroto Ikebe
    He grasps "fabric" as a "soft fossil" that accumulates the memories of culture, customs, beliefs, and other aspects inherent in ethnic groups. Based on cultural anthropological fieldwork under the theme of "art that returns to earth," he reads and reconstructs the memories and contexts that lie in the materials and techniques that have existed in the land since ancient times, and through his works using fabric and fibers as a medium, he questions people about a new way of coexistence with nature while blurring the boundaries between them.
  • Taishi Takimoto
    Born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1993.
    Graduated from University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Art Major, Division of Japanese-style Painting in 2018
    Based on interviews in the mountains, he creates a work of Japanese-style paintings using mineral pigments, sumi ink, and Japanese paper.
    Major exhibitions include "レスポワール展瀧本泰士個展" (Ginza Suruga Dai Gallery / Tokyo / 2019), "中之条ビエンナーレ 2021" (Iwamoto Silk-worm Farm House / Gunma / 2021), "第 8 回トリエンナーレ豊橋 星野眞吾賞展 明日の日本画を求めて" (Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History/ Aichi / 2021), "山水景 瀧本泰士 個展" (Gallery Q/Tokyo/2022).