Group reservation


Group Reservations

Reservations for tours organized by travel agencies or groups of 7 or more persons are handled as a group. As a general rule, we only accept one group per day, and the maximum number of guests is 10 + 2 guides/tour guides = 12.

Please do not divide large groups of more than 7 people into smaller groups and book them as individuals.

Please note that we may not be able to accept group reservations due to the capacity of the mountain lodge or events.

Group applications begin in January.
Please inform us of the following details via email:

  • -Representative's Name
  • -Contact Information
    (Phone, Email)
  • -Desired Check-in Date
  • -Number of People
  • -Meal Preferences (Yes/No)
  • -Previous/Next Day's Accommodation Location

Group reservation changes, cancellation timeline, and fees.

  • month before the date of stay :Decision on whether to hold the event and adjustment of the group size
    14 days before the date of stay :Adjustment of the group size
    within 7 days before the date of stay :This date onwards, cancellations, reductions, and schedule changes will incur the following charges.
    Cancellation / Reduction fee
    ¥5,000 per person
    Schedule change fee
    ¥2,000 per person

The cancellation fee is not a penalty, but rather a request for your cooperation in maintaining the operation of the mountain lodge. Your understanding of this as a contribution to the sustainability of our hut would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, regardless of the stipulated conditions, please contact us promptly in case of any cancellations, schedule changes, or other adjustments.

Please note that in cases of significant transportation disruption (such as road closures or public transportation stoppages) or government mandates (such as a state of emergency), the above cancellation fees and date change fees will not apply.
Cancellation based on weather conditions is subject to individual judgment, and therefore, we adhere to the policies mentioned above. We kindly request your understanding of the purpose of these regulations and appreciate your cooperation.

  • Payment Please transfer to the following bank account.
    八十二銀行 大町支店(普) 867772

    Bank: Hachijuni Bank
    Branch: Omachi Branch
    Account Type: Ordinary
    Account Number: 867772
    Account Holder: Kumonodaira sanso LLC
    Please make the payment within one month. We regret to inform you that the transfer fee is to be borne by you.