Do I need to make reservations for
the mountain hut / the campsite?
The mountain hut operates on a fully reservation-only basis throughout its opening period. For the campsite, reservations are required only on the eligible reservation dates. Otherwise, you can use the campsite without reservations.
The eligible reservation dates for the campsite
The dates I wanted to book are full. Can I be placed on a waiting list?
We regret to inform you that we do not accept waiting list requests. If any availability opens up, it will be immediately reflected in our availability calendar. Please check there for the latest information.
I made a reservation online but haven't
received a confirmation email.
Please check your email settings and spam folder. If you haven't received a confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact us.reservation@kumonodaira.com
How can I change my reservation details?
Please contact us by phone or email. For email requests, we will confirm changes through our reply. In case of no reply, kindly contact us by phone for confirmation. The following changes can be declared upon arrival and do not require prior notice:
-Change of the next destination
-Changes to meals or bento boxes : Changes are possible until 4:00 PM on the arrival day
-Applicability of youth rates
How can I cancel my reservation?

For Mountain Lodge Reservations:
Up to 5 days before the stay: Please cancel online or contact us by phone.
Within 4 days before the stay: Please contact us by phone.
If you made the reservation by phone, please contact us by phone regardless of the date.
Individual reservation cancellation policy
Groups reservation cancellation policy

For Campsite Reservations:
Until 2:00 PM the day before the stay: Please cancel online or contact us by phone.
After 2:00 PM the day before the stay: Please contact us by phone.


Do you offer private rooms?
No, we do not. All rooms are shared.
Can I charge my devices?
Yes, we provide a self-service charging corner. The cost is ¥100 per device, per use. Please bring your own charging cables.
Is there a drying room available?

Yes, we have a drying room in the basement. As it is a compact space, we kindly ask guests to share and cooperate. Please note that on sunny days, we may choose not to turm on the heater. Your understanding is appreciated. (On sunny days, things dry well on the terrace and on Japanese Pines.) Additionally, we request that you label or clearly sign on your belongings to prevent mix-ups.

Is there a self-catering space available?
Yes, there are self-catering spaces available. These include the lobby area in front of the reception, the terrace on the first floor, and the area in front of the hut.
Is there cellular reception?

In our mountain hut, there is no cellular reception or internet connectivity.
However, you can receive cellular reception on the hilltop within a 15-minute walk from our hut towards Takamagahara, as well as the summit of Mount Badake (20 minute-walk), Swiss Garden (20-25 minute-walk).

What time is lights out?
Lights out is at 9:00 PM.
Is there a water supply?
There is a handwashing area in front of toilets. We source all water within the hut from rainwater, and due to conservation efforts, the amount of water used is quite limited. This water can be used for brushing teeth, etc., it is not for drinking. Please refrain from using toothpaste and facial cleansers as much as possible.
Drinking water is available for sale.
Drinking water sales
What are the operating hours for the on-site store?
The store is open from around 5:15 AM in the morning until about 8:45 PM. In the absence of staff, kindly approach the dining area for assistance.
What food items are available for purchase
at the on-site store?
We offer various items for purchase, including Alpha rice, cup noodles, retort curry, bread, snacks, canned items suitable for snacking, beer, wine, and soft drinks. We also have food items for vegans. These items are recommended for those concerned about food weight. (Contents may vary based on availability.)


What time is mealtime?
Generally, dinner is scheduled for 5:00 PM and 5:45 PM, and breakfast is scheduled for 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM. (After September, due to later sunrise, the first breakfast may be at 5:30 AM.) Please note that timings may vary based on events. And meal time assignments are made upon check-in. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are unable to accommodate specific mealtime requests in advance.
What are the meals?
Dinner includes our original Ishikari hot pot*, rice, and several side dishes. Breakfast includes rice, several side dishes, and miso soup. (Contents may be subject to change based on ingredient availability.)
*Our original Ishikari hot pot is a Japanese stew with miso and sake lees. Salmon, chicken, and various root vegetables are stewed in a Japanese-style broth base. Please enjoy.
I have allergies / dietary restrictions.
How can I request special meals?
Please contact us in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
What is in the bento box?
The bento box includes two types of rice balls, one inari sushi, and small side dishes. If you order two bento boxes, one for breakfast and one for lunch, the second bento box will have different contents.
When is the bento box provided?
You will receive your bento box for the next day after dinner.
Until when can I request changes or additions
to meals and bento box?
Changes or additions can be accommodated until 4:00 PM on the day of arrival.
Can I get water or hot water?
Both are available for purchase. Please fill them into your own bottles.
In case of water shortage due to lack of rain or other reasons, water sales may be restricted.
We will post it on the homepage, so please check before your hiking.
Drinking water sales


How long does it take to hike from the mountain hut
to the campsite?
As a general guide, it takes approximately 15 minutes with no gear and around 20 to 30 minutes with luggage. It’s not a short walk, but the plants, flowers and ponds through the path are beautiful and you can see the stunning views of surrounding mountains. Please enjoy the walk.
Is there a water source?
Yes, there is a natural spring.
The water source may run dry depending on the season and weather conditions. In such cases, we will post information on the homepage, so please check before your mountain trip.
Are there restroom facilities?
Yes, restroom facilities are available. You can use both the campsite and the mountain hut toilets. We kindly ask for your cooperation in contributing a voluntary tip of 100 yen for restroom maintenance at both locations.
Can I set up my tent anywhere?
Please set up your tent within the green rope boundaries of the campsite. Setting up tents outside of this area is prohibited to protect the local vegetation. Your cooperation in preserving the rich nature of Kumonodaira is highly appreciated.
I'll be camping but would like to have meals
at the mountain hut.
We prioritize dinner, breakfast, and bento box services for guests staying at the mountain hut. If there is availability on the day, Campers can also have meals at the mountain hut. Please inform us at the registration.
-Available for same-day registration only, limited capacity
-No reservations accepted
-Not available on days designated for campsite reservations
Can I set up my tent before the mountain hut
opens or after it closes?
During out of operating period, water source is closed and restrooms are inaccessible. Please ensure you have your own water supply and practice proper urine disposal during this period.


Can I use card payments or mobile payment services?
Credit card payments and Paypay payment are accepted.
*We plan to start accepting credit card payments in 2024, but please be aware that technical issues may arise due to communication conditions. We will confirm available payment services before we start mountain hut operation in July 2024. Please check the website for updated information.


Are there any hazardous areas on the route to
the mountain hut?
There are no steep cliffs or challenging paths on the usual hiking trails. For the route beyond Yakushizawa, which is a commonly used path, there are ladders and rocky sections for a certain distance. The wooden paths around Kumonodaira can become very slippery when wet. Please exercise caution as there may be corroded sections or areas that have shifted due to heavy rain, creating a seesaw-like movement. As there are multiple routes to Kumonodaira, for information on the trail conditions, please inquire at the nearest mountain hut.
How long is the estimated hiking time?
Please refer to our website's Access and Route Information and your mountain map. Compare the course time on the map with your estimated time, and plan your mountain trek accordingly, ensuring a safe and manageable hiking schedule.